miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

The Notebook

A lot of people suggested me to watch this movie, they told me it was very dramatic but beautiful, with a lot of passion and wild romance. Then I convinced myself it was going to be a great afternoon on my coach watching that film.

The first part of the movie is really touching and realistic, moreover I'd say it was sensacional but when the grannis start to take the leading role it loses a bit of interest. I truly love the main character, Ryan Gosling, he is really handsome and cute (if you like him you must watch "Drive", amazing film!) and about the girl, Rachel McAdams, I could say she is a very good actress and also totally natural which fits a lot with the plot and scenes of the movie.

Even though, for my disappointment I didn't like it at all, I could even say I hated it, when it first finished I thought they were kidding, how on earth the scriptwriter decides to finish the movie that way? The end was absolutely creepy and depressing, and you know what?, we have enough of it in real life. 
Thought my friends where using sarcasm and irony when they told me it was a breathtaking film. I am sorry to express my disappointment but actually that was a piece of crap and the worst part was that while I was trying to sleep I thought that this might happen sometime, not so far, to my parents and then I broke down.

So whenever somebody tells me whether it is a good or a bad movie I choose sincerely to tell them it is as good as shit because it will drive them nuts.

Comment your opinion, and sorry for the language!

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